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About Ron The Handyman

You will find a lot of information on this website about the business but here’s something about Ron the Handyman himself.

Ron, when he was very young, used to help his father with electrical engineering projects such as soldering and generally fixing things. They worked together a lot at their workbench.

Ron and his father did home photography, and Ron continued it from elementary though to high school.

Ron was his father’s helper and earned and a young “handyman” reputation in the neighborhood. When neighbor’s called his father to ask him to fix various things for them, Ron would go along as his helper.

Ron’s started to get known for his ability to come up with creative solutions and friends would later call him to help them fix their problems.

Ron would also take the time teach them. This earned him the nickname “Coach”.

Ron spent his summers working with one of his grandfathers, a plumber/HVAC technician and business owner. Ron’s grandfather also owned a butcher shop,and instilled in Ron the value of hard work and the success to be gaiined from it..

Ron previously worked in HVAC maintenance and estimation. One day, Ron posted a message to the Olney/Brookeville Exchange Yahoo Group, offering to do odd jobs.

He received so many calls that his career took off in this new. direction. So much so, he decided that he should focus full-time on his new handyman business.

Ron identified a need many people had for someone who could undertake various types of projects.. He focussed on the small projects that bigger companies would not be interested in.

Some time later, Ron noticed such great repeat interest in his services that he decided to make it official, and expand his business by becoming a full-time Handyman and General Contractor. Ron’s Handyman Services, LLC was founded in August 2014.

On a personal note, Ron enjoys the great outdoors. He is an experienced skier and enjoys being with his family and cooking, especially pizzas which he cooks in his self-built wood burning pizza oven.

So, now you know a little about Ron the Handyman. Give him a call. Maybe he’ll build you a pizza oven.

Ron White and his Self-Built Pizza Oven
Ron White and his Self-Built Pizza Oven
Ron White reaching into his Self-Built Pizza Oven
Ron White reaching into his Pizza Oven

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